Part 1: Ambassador BunBun

Ambassador BunBun

Representative of Emperor Easter, Third Generation of the Easter Dynasty. 

First Contact: 19 April, 2019

With the help of Ambassador BunBun, Emperor Easter was able to broker peace with the chicks of Yolk. Inspired by the fluorescent atmosphere and egg shaped planet of the chicks, the bunnies and chicks meet on Carotene Prime once per the planet’s year to dye the bunnie’s eggs. The older generation hides the eggs, while the children look for them. The hiding is meant to symbolize the scattering and chaos caused by the war. The following search symbolizes the unity and rebuilding of the 2 peoples together. 

The Bunny people hail from the planet Carotene Prime, so named for its abundance of Beta least in the past. The Beta Carotene had become dangerously depleted in the last 5 years. In a desperate search for another supply of Beta Carotene, the bunnies have scoured the galaxy in their spaceships with an appearance eerily similar to carrots* until, at last, they find Earth. Finding that this planet has a naturally occurring, renewable supply of Beta Carotene, the bunnies feel they have finally found their salvation. It is Ambassador BunBun’s responsibility to negotiate the possibility of trade with the human population of Earth to provide the bunny people with the crystalline substance needed for their survival. 

* Coincidentally, the bunnies had no idea of the existence of anything like carrots. This fact led to the birth of numerous cults when they discovered the very thing on Earth that would save their people looked exactly like their spaceships.