Part 2: Emperor Easter

Emperor Easter

Third generation of the Easter Dynasty. Believes in peaceful coexistence as the greatest and best means for prosperity. 

First Contact: 21 April, 2019

During the war, Emperor Easter had ignored the issue, knowing that turning attention to the growing Beta Carotene shortage would show weakness in his people. Such weakness would potentially jeopardize his efforts to end the war and finally establish peace. With the famine, the surviving bunnies were forced to evacuate on the remaining carrot cruisers to scour the galaxy for a new home, a new supply of Beta Carotene. They found this potential home on Earth, this potential supply growing in abundance in Earth’s carrots. 

With the help of Ambassador BunBun, Emperor Easter hopes to establish trade with the people of Earth. Easter knows that the humans could cultivate and provide them with the carrots to save the bunnies. He also knew that the humans could benefit from the bunnies’ far superior technological advancements. However, the trade talks have been significantly held back by an early misunderstanding. The humans were greatly alarmed when they discovered the hyper-intelligent bunnies. They initially interpreted their presence as an invasion. Easter has been able to successfully explain the presence of the bunny scouts and proceed with trade talks. But he knows that he and Ambassador BunBun will now have to work tirelessly to earn their trust. 

To make matters worse, there were also schisms among the bunnies themselves. Many factions have begun questioning the leadership of Emperor Easter. As time goes, they are losing sight of all the events that led to their leaving home, blinded by their current suffering. The fumbling of first contact only exacerbated problems. There were increasing concerns among the skeptical bunny factions that establishing a lasting and successful trade with the human population. 

Admiral BunBun was among Easter’s greatest skeptics. He still greatly admired and loved the emperor, but he was worried by the behavior of the humans. The Admiral was worried the humans could develop too quickly from the bunny technology. With that technology, the humans could quickly engineer advanced weaponry that could pose a threat. He was concerned that the humans could use the weapons on the bunnies. He also knew that there were near countless factions of humans and was concerned that the humans could use those weapons on each other. That violence would threaten the trade so vital to the survival of the bunnies. 

To Admiral BunBun, the most efficient and safe way to secure their salvation would be to mount a full-scale invasion. This is something that Emperor Easter refused to do. Easter believes that lasting peace would secure the best eventual outcome. Unfortunately, he may not be able to keep the bunnies calm for long. He is constantly tormented by the idea that he may need to take more extreme action to maintain unity among his own people at the cost of peace with humans.