Part 5: Spectral Ops

An elite operation of bunnies, humans, and chicks

The arise to face a mysterious force. 

First Contact: 4 November, 2019

When Admiral BunBun took power after Emperor Easter’s death, he imposed martial law and took over Earth. The humans tried to resist, but the resistance was futile against the seemingly giant, intergalactic power that was the bunnies. Though the admiral employed all his tactics in the Chick-Bunny War to minimize casualties, he found this new conflict an entirely different affair. The humans were an entirely different race of people, with their own biology. Oversights were made in the early days of the takeover. Admiral BunBun aimed for a ruthless yet bloodless hold on Earth. He was ruthless, but far from bloodless. Even with their beat blasters on stun, human bodies were incapable of withstanding their intensity. It was months into the invasion when the bunnies encountered their first uprising that required them to fire upon human rebels. Much to the horror of the bunnies and humans alike, each time a blast struck a human they would explode into a beet-red mist. With such terrible consequences, the humans quickly turned and ran or surrendered to the bunnies. Not wanting to take anymore life, the bunnies did not pursue those that retreated and arrested those that surrendered and put them back to work on the carrot plantations. 

Although the bunnies were dismayed at the loss of life, they took some small comfort in the fact that the horrific scene would certainly prevent further actions from the rebels for the foreseeable future. The bunnies, with the leadership of Ambassador BunBun, also attempted to express their regret over the outcome by increasing rations for humans and relaxing the enforcement of martial laws with varying levels of success. However, it turned out that the comfort was unfounded. Not only did the humans keep up their rebellion, it was eventually discovered that the humans were being supplied with plasma plumes and egg-shell shields by the Dread Pirate Peep. On top of that, there were increasing reports of missing persons of all races. Just as the supply lines were cut off and the rebellion was winding down upon the capture of the Dread Pirate, there was a massive surge in the number of missing persons reports. In time, it was discovered that a mysterious fog was shifting across the globe and that the people went missing in its wake. 

The mist appeared to target people indiscriminately. When a team went into the fog to seek answers, the team consisted of humans, bunnies, and even chicks. The team was outfitted with suits covered in sensors to keep track of their location and vitals. Detecting electric interference in the cloud, each member was also tied by a cable to help lead them out of the fog when needed. In order to capture samples, the team was given fog farmers meant to capture a sample of the mist within a lead-lined magnetized steel chamber to make sure it could not escape. 

When the group entered the fog, a feeling of dread washed over all of them. Their suits were providing sporadic feedback so that those outside could not tell what was going on. Their fog farmers only barely functioned. As they proceeded through the fog they could hear a distant terrifying wail, which slowly approached them. One by one, members of the group were being picked off and they still had no clue what was happening. Panic at last overcame them and they desperately retreated back to safety. In the frantic escape they finally caught glimpses of what was stealing away so many people. Horrible specters surrounded them, ghostly apparitions of mist-like human forms. With every person separated in the fog, the specters were emboldened and their hungry wails were replaced by evil laughter. Of the sixty people that went into the fog, only two were able to escape. 

But the operation was not an entire loss. The two survivors were able to capture a sample of the fog inside a lead lined magnetic chamber that was unable to escape. Upon carefully researching the violent mist-like substance, it was discovered that it had a distinct electromagnetic field and genetic markers of mostly humans. But the fog also contained trace markers of both bunnies and chicks with electric impulses firing across the field that was similar to that of a brain. Slowly it dawned on the scientists that this mist matched the descriptions of the mist created when the beat blasters struck the humans so long ago. 

The beat blasters were only used on humans a handful of times afterwards, but the body count was higher. In the early days of the uprising, when the humans first started receiving supplies from the chicks, the bunnies had not yet outfitted their soldiers with less violent weapons. The only method they had of defending themselves was the use of their beat blasters. 

By the time the bunnies changed their arms, it turns out it was too late. It’s unknown how the mist combined together, but slowly it gathered with each life lost and turned into the massive storm that now plagues the planet. In the next couple months after the discovery, the mist started to split apart into several smaller mists that would torment populations across the globe. In response an elite task force was created with magnetic fog farmers designed to capture the specters while scientists and engineers worked to find new, more efficient methods of trapping and dissipating the spectral fog. In the first move towards unity, the elite force was comprised of humans, bunnies, and chicks.