Part 7: Guinness O'Doul

Guinness O'Doul 

Human adopted by Potiguldens, roams the galaxy to save his adopted parents’ planet. 

First Contact: 17 March, 2021

Long before the time of Guinness O'Doul, the Disciples of San Patroclus were already one of the most prominent bounty hunting and mercenary guilds in the galaxy, known for their unwavering faith and dedication to their duties. Anyone with enough fortune to hire the Disciples knew not to mislead or lie to them. If the Disciples did not like the job, they would refuse. If they felt lied to or misled, they would turn on those that sought to hire them while still refusing payment. 

The Disciples of San Patroclus believed fiercely in freedom and egalitarianism, values held in high regard by their religion and reinforced by their troubled history as slaves. Slavers in general they considered mortal enemies, but none more so than their former slavers, a serpentine race that slithered across the earth with iridescent scales and four retractable arms. 

Guinness O'Doul was saved by the Disciples when he was three-years-old. Guinness O'Doul had bright-red hair. He was abducted from his home in Ireland by the serpentine slavers when a scout ship found its way to Earth in search of new slaves. The scout saw promise in the humans of Earth when Guinness O'Doul was abducted. On the way back to the main fleet, the Disciples intercepted the scout’s ship and rescued Guinness O'Doul. Unfortunately, the ship already made it a great distance away from Earth. They had no idea where the child came from, so they decided to raise them as one of their own. 

Guinness O'Doul grew up knowing almost nothing of his home. He did not know his own name, but remembered “Guinness” and “O'Doul” which he decided to adopt as his name. His family raised him on stories of a home planet called Potiguld at the edge of the Rainbow Nebula with tall green hills and bright turquoise oceans. He also heard stories of his family’s struggles against their serpentine slavers and how they rose up against them to force them off Potiguld. And he could not forget the sadness they felt when they spoke of their slaver’s retaliation when they weaponized bacteria to attack the planet’s tubers, which Guinness O'Doul’s family relied on as their main source of food. They were forced to flee their home and now employ themselves as bounty hunters and mercenaries, trying to raise the resources needed to fight their former slaver’s and find the technology to reverse the famine on Potiguld. 

Though Guinness O'Doul was loved by his adoptive parents, he always felt like an outcast among his people. He was taller and more slender than everyone around him, but physically weaker. He had the same red-hair as those around him, but it only grew in particular areas on his body whereas those around him grew hair from head-to-toe. He idolized the Disciples of San Patroclus, but his low physical strength kept him from being accepted. 

Where Guinness O'Doul truly excelled was his intellect, especially in the fields of chemistry and biology. His family regarded him with hope that he could make progress in reversing the famine on Potiguld. Guinness O'Doul dedicated years to finding a solution until the serpentine slavers led by Jormungandr attacked a ship his parents were on. He never learned whether they perished or were taken as slaves. Regardless, Guinness O'Doul felt a need for revenge. 

He began to shift his studies from ending the famine to finding a way to get his revenge. He dedicated himself to enhancing his strength and that of his family. Eventually, he formulated a concoction he called the Guinness brew. It subjected him to an agonizing transformation that increased his strength one-thousand fold and kept him going without until it wore off. However, it also greatly limited his mental faculties. The brew took one and a half Earth hours to complete the transformation and lasted twenty Earth hours. To counteract the effects, he developed another concoction he called the O'Doul brew which reversed the effect after one and a half hours and an equally agonizing transformation process. He had hoped to share this with his family, but his research indicated their reaction would be deadly with their different genetic makeup. 

With this brew, Guinness O'Doul proved that he could be more than strong enough as a strong-arm amongst the Disciples of San Patroclus. As a member of the Disciples, Guinness O'Doul was highly respected for his strength when he drank his Guinness brew, and highly respected for his intellect when he was himself. With the Disciples he was considered among the best bounty hunters among a group that was often considered among the best bounty hunting guilds. But it ultimately was not the brews that made him the best, it was his single-minded ambition to avenge his parents. He just needed to raise the resources and support of those around him so he could fight against Jormungandr. Only after he had his revenge would he turn his focus back to restoring Potiguld.