Part 3: Admiral BunBun

Admiral BunBun of the 8th Imperial Fleet

Largest surviving contingent of galactic carrot cruisers of the bunny people. Brother of Ambassador BunBun. 

First Contact: 19 April, 2019

6,415,362,904. That’s the entire population of the bunny people that once numbered over twice as many. And now the emperor is dead, and so too is the Easter Dynasty. He passed away peacefully in his sleep. It has thrown the bunnies into chaos in these already chaotic times. Admiral BunBun and Ambassador BunBun are both heart broken by the loss, but they both know they must soldier on for the good of their people. 

In the Chick-Bunny Wars Admiral BunBun, on many occasions, was able to take key strategic locations from the Chicks without a single life being taken on either side. When the Chicks were taken as prisoners of war, almost all were released without injury. When Ambassador BunBun was negotiating terms of peace with the chicks, these facts went a long way in building trust between the 2 peoples. 

Now, the Admiral knows he must apply his military expertise to save the bunny race. In response to the horrible loss of their Emperor with no clear succession, Admiral BunBun has declared martial law. He has placed Ambassador BunBun as the spokesperson of the bunnies. She will be in charge of keeping the various bunny factions calm in these trying times. 

Without Easter, trade talks with the humans have stalled. But the bunnies still need Earth’s renewable supply of Beta Carotene. They need it now. Feeling pressure from his people and driven by his own beliefs, Admiral BunBun makes the difficult decision despite objections from his sister that they must invade the Earth and take over the planet. 

Launching their corn carriers from the carrot cruisers, millions of bunnies descend upon the Earth armed with their beet blasters. They quickly install countless bases in strategic locations around the Earth. They raze the endless maze of corn in the midwest United States and force the farmers to grow almost exclusively carrots. Admiral BunBun wishes to launch a military campaign as efficient and bloodless as he was able to against the Chicks of Yolk. But he is now discovering that his people are far more ravenous in their desperate and fearful state. Especially without their inspirational Emperor.